Friday, July 3, 2009

Please, Applaude Freely

Like I said the other day, Gracie is blossoming. Her understanding of language, emotion and self if developing at a miraculous speed. Tonight we had another milestone.

The potty training seat has been getting a lot of attention lately. In May it was moved into our downstairs bathroom. On quite a few occasions, she has demanded her diaper be removed before sitting on the seat. Nothing has ever happened. Wait, I take that back. The last time I took her diaper off, she immediately peed on the tile floor, sat on the seat for 30 seconds demanding she was all done, then rose and immediately peed on the same tiles again. I was thrilled.

Over the last week, during bath time she would often declare that she had to go pee. Usually though, the declaration was followed immediately by the action. Whatever, bath time was over anyway.

Tonight though, tonight Gracie made the same declaration with a twist. She held it and stared at me for the next course of action. Do you want to use the big potty? I asked. Yes! she responded.

So I hoisted her out of the tub and made a quick transfer to the toilet. My 20 month old little girl sat, balanced carefully on the seat, shivering and dripping water until .... Hallelujah! Can it be? Is that tinkle more than some more wayard droplets of rapidly cooling water? It is! It is! Yea Gracie!

After a round of applause and shouts down to Matt, the final treat and ultimate bit of recognition for her came, the square of toilet paper to wipe with like a big girl.

Gracie fell asleep quickly, soundly and with a smile on her face tonight.


Anonymous said...

This is a big milestone! Congratulations to Gracie and you and Matt.


Matt said...

Now we just need to work on me.