Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fondness of Feathers

With the dawning of new days, the sleep problems seem to have dissolved away. Sure, we went through the one night of crazy, but at the end of that night Matt did something brilliant. Something we should have thought of sooner, because after all, Gracie is my daughter.

He gave her a pillow.

We found a nice, old, flat one that had most of the life beaten out of it years ago, but is a thickness perfect for a little head. I'm not sure if it is the creature comfort of the pillow (I need at least two, preferably three to be able to fall asleep) or the fact that it smells like 20 years of Matt's head, but it is an endeared object to her now. When I put Gracie in her crib last night, she landed firmly in the middle of the pillow. This morning, she was in the exact same spot.

We've developed morning and night routines; after bath we say night night to the wooden fish in the bathroom and in the mornings we say goodbye and see ya to musical lamb in her crib. This morning, the pillow was also added to the list.

Bye-bye ammey! Bye-bye piwo! See ya soon piwo!

Maybe in a display of appreciation to the smelly pillow I will wash the case on it this weekend. Although, why mess with a good thing?

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