Monday, July 20, 2009

Play Ball

Yesterday was Gracie’s first baseball game. Despite only managing a 50 minute nap and literally walking a mile all by herself she was wonderful. Splendid.
It also helped that the Cubbie Bears swept the Nationals in an action packed 11 to 3 victory with Cubs fans out numbering Nats fans in the stadium.

For the first two innings of the game she sat still, enthralled with the special of the crowd and Matt's explanations of the game.
When the smell of hot dogs in the air and the knowledge of the Ben's Chili Bowl Half Smokes mere steps away was too much to stand anymore, we made our way down from the grandstands and into the concessions. Better than hot dogs though? The view of the crowds from the 300 level.
Washington baseball has few traditions, but the Presidents Run is always a winner. For our folks back home, picture the Milwaukee Brewers Sausage Run, but with president heads. Gracie loved it.

Her favorite, and always the fan favorite, was Teddy Roosevelt. Poor Teddy, try as he might he never wins the race. Yet, he is the only president head that is smiling so I guess winning doesn't matter all that much.

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