Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This post is many weeks overdue.

It has been a lot harder than I thought to write though, not because I don't follow a million blogs, but because I'm not sure I deserve the title of A Lovely Blog. I'm not eloquent or shocking. I'm not laugh out loud funny or heartbreakingly sad. It is just me writing my own little journal in the matter of fact way a child does. For myself and my family. And my family doesn't even read it.

Back in May, NES was presented with a ‘Lovely Blog Award’ from Stepford Dreams.

She then returned the favor, being the great friend she is, gave me a nice pat on the back with my own ‘Lovely Blog Award’.

Now I guess it is my turn to select my 15 favorite blogs (in no particular order).....

Hippo Brigade
Sick Days
The Bloggess
Barefoot Foodie
The Little Criminal

Capitol Spice
Lemmonex (formerly Culinary Couture)
Line Cook

Capitol Hill Style
The Sartorialist

The Restaurant Refugee
Diary of Why
Princess Nebraska
Du Wax Loolu

All of the Above:
Not-Ever-Still Life With Girls, (despite knowing selecting her again is against the rules) because without NES as my inspiration I don't think I would have ever typed a single word.