Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Countdown

I am at the point where I am so tired that it is hard to think.

I was at this point on Tuesday. It is now Saturday. (I just had to stop for a few minutes to figure out what day it was.) I AM READY TO GO HOME.

Instead of writing in complete sentences I am going to just throw out numbers.

Here is the countdown:

10 - Number of bottles of wine consumed over the trip.
9- Number of mosquito bites on my legs. So itchy.
8 - Number of hours we listed to a freaking Chipmunks CD in the car. Damn songs are still in my head
7 - Number of times I became so irritated with conversations / circumstance that I left the room.
6 - Number of White Castles I consumed.
5 - Number of times I've checked my work email in the last 24 hours.
4 - Number of serious discussion I had with Matt about changing flights to come home early.
3 - Number of nights Grace slept on my chest like I'm a giant air mattress.
2 - Number of days I lost my flip flops, only to have them found under my luggage. (See #1 & 3)
1 - Number of nights out of 8 that I slept though the night.

More to come.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Journey Begins

The journey begins.

It is starting with a brain that won't turn off to go to sleep, a back that is playing fun with spasms and my realization that the 1/2 glass of wine we have isn't enough to shut them both down.

I just want to get on the plane without incident. Then I just want to get off the plane without incident. Finally, I just want to get through our hotel stay Saturday night without incident.

Then let the incidents roll because I know if we can get over those three hurdles, everything else will be fine.

My ride to the airport informed me the other day that he thought I should get there at 6 am for our 8 am flight. I said I would prefer to leave the house at 6 am. That was two days ago.

Apparently my wishes fell on deaf ears, for tonight I was informed that he made a 7 am tee time at a local golf course. Which means he needs to drop me off BY 6 am.

Yeah well, I need you to entertain a 10 month old baby in a freaking airport terminal for 1.5 hours then buddy.

That's what I wanted to say anyway. Of course I didn't though.

He's doing us a multitude of favors this week. They are all owed to us though. Is it bad Karma to state that someone "owes" favors? I dunno, but he does.

So I am tense. I am setting up mini goals. First security. Pre-flight. Flight. Post-flight. Parents. Dinner. Hotel.

After hotel I am golden. I will keep you posted.

The Best Laid Plans

We were on our game last night.

By the time I got home with Grace, Matt had the kitchen straightened and most of his clothes for the week packed. We quickly ate our microwaved dinner of left over Chinese - part of my brilliant plan to order too much so I didn’t have to cook - went even more smoothly than I could have imagined.

I pulled out the list of baby supplies I need to pack and efficiently gathered them from around the house, managing to neatly pack everything into one easy-to-carry laundry basket to haul into and out of our many destinations.

By 8 pm we were completely packed, loaded into the car and sitting on the couch with a glass of wine.

This morning however was a different story.

Matt woke at 3 am to be driving east by 3:30. Ironically, the sound of the shower didn’t wake me, but the smell of the Dial soap did. Go figure, couldn’t hear him, but could smell the fresh, crisp scent of his soap.

Grace also slept through the shower, but woke to the faint click of the front door closing. At 3:35 am she was awake and crying.

I brought her into bed with me in the hopes that she would sleep a little longer. After using my stomach as a pillow for 20 minutes she laid back and snuggled against me.


I don’t like my alarm. It makes me angry every morning, but I keep it because it is so obnoxiously loud that I actually get up.

Grace doesn’t like it either apparently.

Before I could even get my hand close to the beast, she was screaming. I mean SCREAMING.

No matter what I did I couldn’t calm her down. After about 15 minutes I decided that she would just have to scream on her own, so I put her in her crib with every toy I could find. 30 minutes later she was still screaming.

Finally a warm bottle and lots of hugs did the trick. I’m sure the 45 minute nap she got on the ride to daycare didn’t hurt either.

Do I get a nap today?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Hate Mint

I have a non baby related rant today.

I hate mint. I do.

We have rouge mint plants growing in our back yard and every time they are mowed off the smell makes me nauseous. I think mint tea is one of the least soothing things on the planet. I still buy mint toothpaste, but only because the flavors leave a funny residue on my tongue and then I only use a baby sized amount.

OK, I will admit I like Girl Scout Thin Mints, Andies chocolates & can order mint chocolate chip ice cream. But all three involve large amounts of chocolate too.

And the ice cream doesn’t count because who does like ice cream? In any form?

Well, I did have to send back an ice cream cone I ordered during our babymoon in Boston last year. They duped me.

There were literally 70 flavors to pick from. I went with ‘Devils Chocolate’ thinking it would be a super rich, super chocolaty creation.


It was chocolate ice cream with HOT SAUCE & RED HOTS mixed it.

I was appalled. The girl laughed and said that they get that reaction a lot with that flavor and she would bring me something else. I went Pistachio. It was the safest flavor I could think of.

~ ~ ~ I digress though ~ ~ ~

I hate mint. It’s mainly the smell. Don’t like it at all.

There is a lady that comes up to MY bathroom on the 6th floor to brush her teeth after lunch. Pretty much every day. I assume she has been asked not to do this on her own floor anymore.

It is so disgusting. It is like being in a dentists office.

She carries a little kit with brush, paste, floss, mouth wash and who know what else, and sets it all out on the counter. It takes her about 15 minutes to complete the process.

I understand the concept of good dental hygiene, I should totally floss more than I do, but come on lady! It is a semi-public bathroom, not your own freaking house!

I am trying to pee and your gargling? For 30 seconds! Who even gargles that long?? Then your nasty spit makes the whole bathroom stink like mint. I hate mint!

I know this is a stupid post but every time I am exposed to it I want to barf.

God I hate mint.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chicago Trip – Excitements

I’m back with Part II of the blog. Things that I am excited about.

This is, in fact, much easier to write today given that Gracie FINALLY slept through the night for the first time in a week.

Although I do have to admit, starting around 12:30 am I did start waking up every 45 minutes or so to make sure she was still asleep. 1:15 am, ahh, no crying. 2 am, ahh, no crying. 2:45 am, ahh, no crying. All the way up until my alarm went off. Not thrilled that I kept waking up, but hey, I instantly fell back to sleep and never had to actually get up.

So things that I am looking forward to with this trip:

1. The triathlon. On some level, I’ve actually begun to enjoy going to these events. It appeals to my/our plan-a-holic natures. Originally, when my Mom and Jerry said they wanted to come, I didn’t think much of it. OK, sure, come on down! Now, I am realizing that on top of getting to spend extra time with them, it will be a tremendous amount of help. Plus I now have people to drink breakfast booze with!

2. Dinner in the city. Alone. We love Chicago. Jeanine has volunteered to take Grace back to her house after the triathlon, so that gives us Sunday night all to ourselves. I’m not sure what we are going to do, but you’d better believe it will end with an Ambien.

3. Boat rides. Matt’s dad’s place in on a lake, so I imagine there will be at lease one ride on his pontoon boat. I am fairly certain that Gracie will LOVE it.

4. Cheese (and maybe jerky.) I am one that usually can’t come up with too many things that I like about Wisconsin as a state, but they do make some killer cheese. I know it’s cliché. It is one of those stereotypes are there for a reason though. Cheese curds here I come.

5. Fire trucks. Jerry is working his 24 on Thursday when we are heading back down to my parents. Assuming the timing works out, we will stop by the fire house and show Gracie the trucks.

6. Family. I think there will be a low key soirée on Friday at my Mom’s with family that I haven’t seen in awhile. In fact, I think there will be at least one person there that has never seen Grace.

So there we are. It wasn’t so hard. I just need to not get overwhelmed with the planning and packing. Once Matt leaves Friday morning, it will all be downhill.

See you soon!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chicago Trip - Anxieties

Matt & I were both born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. I grew up in the southwest yuppie burbs and Matt has claim to the far north Wisconsin border burbs. This coming weekend we are trekking back with Grace for a week long family adventure.

The week will begin with Matt and his sister Jeanine doing the international distance Chicago Triathlon (1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run.)

We will then go up to Matt’s Dad’s weekend house in Wisconsin, just north of Green Bay, for 3 days.

After that we go back down to my parent’s house for 3 days.

Seems simple, right?

Yeah well…. Here are my anxieties about the coming week:

1. In order to bring his bike back for the Triathlon, Matt is driving back. Grace and I are flying. It will be my 1st experience of single parent air travel.

2. Grace has been sick / teething, as you all know from the previous posts. I am terrified of the thought of a screaming child in an upscale hotel. I am in knots over the thought that she will keep entire households awake. I am so tired that I feel sick, and can’t imagine dealing with this away from home.

3. Long drives. It will take approximately 5 hours to get up to our Wisconsin destination. I think the longest we have ever driven with Gracie is an hour. Should I sit in the back seat with her? Should we stop to feed and change diapers or try to do it while moving?

4. Keeping Grace on her schedule. Between flights, drives, time zone changes and events, how the hell am I going to make sure she gets her normal naps??

5. Pets. My parent’s house is like Noah’s Arc. OK, that’s an exaggeration, but still- 1 large dog (Husky- very hairy) and 2 cats (one is gigantic/very hairy & the other pees all over.)
* Grace pokes and grabs at Ricky like he is a piñata. Nikki, the Husky, isn’t going to like that and I don't trust her not to nip.
* She seems to find every stray hair on the floor and puts them directly into her mouth like it is another source of finger food. There is 100X more hair at my parent’s house than mine.
* Matt’s family has all sorts of pet dander allergies. Cats are specifically troublesome. She was fine in December, but I am nervous.

Tomorrow, when I’ve had more sleep (Please! Please! Please!) I will be more positive and outline the things I am excited about.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Great Day For a Sick Day

So much for being sick today.

Friday afternoon Grace spiked a temperature of 100.9 at daycare. Anything above 100.5 for over an hour they send you home. Her teachers striped her down, wrapped cool towels around her and successfully got the temp down to 100.5.

Then she pulled a Poltergeist move and vomited carrots all over herself, Ms. Felicitie and 4 square feet of the tile floor below her.

We went home early.

All weekend she had a fever. It ranged from 99.9 to 201.1. She was so congested that there have been a minimum of 3 crying sessions per night.

Last night we made the decision to keep her home today and take the first available appointment at Dr.H's office. I called right at 9am this morning and the first available was 3:50pm today.

Great. I guess I could have gone to work.

Plus, as of this morning, all traces of fever have disappeared. She does have some funky looking snot (kinda like watered down chocolate frosting - yummy) coming out of one nostril and is tugging on her left ear.

I'm glad we are going though, just for the piece of mind of getting an all clear before flying on Saturday.

To make today even more worth while though - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - Grace has figured out the knee #1, then knee #2 aspect of crawling.

Just a few moments ago, I turned to see that in a matter of minutes she had moved from her toy box on the carpet all the way over to the tile floor by the stairs.

I did a double take.

I turned back to the computer only to hear movement again.

I then watched her crawl back to the start position.

Way to go kiddo!!

She then went over to the window and started yanking on my curtains.

Hey - wait a minute. Let's just go sit over here for awhile longer.

I guess today was a GREAT day to stay home after all.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

5 and Counting

The 5th tooth has made an appearance. Right top big tooth.

Unfortunately, it is traveling companions are excessive drooling, temperature and vomiting.

It's a beautiful thing.

I guess we are going to the Doc's on Monday to make sure it is just indeed a heavy bout of teething and not something more.

Sick children and vacations do not mix well.

Friday, August 15, 2008


When my brother Jerry and I were kids, Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" was usually a catalyst for a fight. I have no idea why, but the way he would sing the refrain in a goofy, squeaky voice would enrage me. Thus prompting him to sing louder and closer to my face.

When “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias came out in the 2002, it took its place. I was always annoyed by the song and Jerry knew it.

Now, as an adult, my not-so-little little brother is a Paramedic-Firefighter. A good one.

Not that I’ve ever needed his services, but your coworkers don’t refer to you (only partially in jest) as ‘God’ for no reason. He seems to have an uncanny ability to save lives that others have already written off.

He is good at what he does because he loves it. He was made for it. Meant to do it with every fiber of his being. Being an adrenaline junky doesn’t hurt either.

He has fought tooth and nail for this too. To say he was a mediocre student in High School is being kind. Jerry hated school and, for the most part, it hated him right back.

Something clicked in the time between graduation and medic school though. Maybe a shiny red fire truck went whizzing by with lights and sirens one day and he thought, “Hey, they don’t have to stop for red lights! That looks fun!” Probably not, but knowing my brother, I would definitely put it in the “maybe” category.

He became an EMT and shortly after started applying to Paramedic schools. It took a long time, and a lot of hard work, to get into the competitive programs. I believe he applied twice a year for 2 years before he was selected. Oh, and how he studied. He would write it off with a shrug of the shoulders, but I knew.

Yeah, some things were easy for him. What my brother lacks in book smarts, he makes up for 10 fold in common sense. Which is frankly much more practical in real life – and the life and death situations of Para-medicine is a real as you can get.

He has worked his butt off for the last 5 years to become a Paramedic and then a Firefighter.

He is hitting road blocks again now, but what is life without road blocks? Doesn’t that help you to appreciate your goal even more when you get it? While yes, more money is never anything to turn your nose at, but you love what you do! It will eventually come. It will get better.

You have come full circle though Jerry. No matter what kind of shitty circumstance and forgotten promise comes your way, you are a hero.

You are a hero to all the people you’ve saved, a hero to the families of the folks that you tried your hardest to save and hero for the random acts of kindness you do without a second thought.

You are a hero to your family and friends.

You are a hero to me.

Heroism is about heart. It is about dedication. It is not about money.

Don’t get bogged down in the negative. There is no point. Believe in the good. Believe in the Karma you generate. It will come back around and repay you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Instead of being told that Gracie is a fighter everyday at daycare, I am now told about her snacking.

“That Grace, she just loves her cheese and Cheerios. I call her CheesieO’s!”

Today, Grace didn’t like the mashed bananas I sent for her breakfast, so they went straight to her little container of shredded cheddar & Cheerios.

Her Mama sensor must have gone off, because as soon as I walked in the door she looked up from her pile of snacks and smiled.

Big grin on her face, and a mouth packed full of Cherrios & strings of cheese hanging from her lip and forehead.

That’s my kid. Happy as a clam and loving the big girl status of self feeding.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Post Script


Laden with the guilt of still going to the restaurant without me, Matt got reservations for another restaurant – my original first choice restaurant – on Friday afternoon.

Hurray me! We going Sizzler! We going Sizzler!

Careful What You Ask For

Restaurant Week – how I love thee.

I’ve been dreaming of the $20 3 course gourmet lunch I was supposed to have today for two weeks. When else can you justify going to over-hyped, over-priced celebrity restaurants?

I’ve been foiled though. By a teething 10 month old, my overly dedicated workaholic husband and frankly, myself.

In celebration of the bi-annual restaurant week price cuts and Matt’s last week at his downtown job, we made reservations for lunch.

(Oh, by the way, in case you hadn’t heard yet, Matt did get the super short commute-more money-less responsibility job he interviewed for a while back. He interviewed on a Wednesday and was informally offered the job that Friday. It didn’t become official though until two weeks ago. You know, those Human Resources folks have a lot going on with all the doughnut eating and water cooler talk. It takes a while to get these things co-ordinated.)

Anyway, we made these reservations with a semi-complicated plan to go along with them. I would be dropped off at work earlier than normal, take the shuttle bus downtown and walk 2 miles to the restaurant (my choice to help burn the decadent calories.) After, we would go back to Matt’s office, pick up the car, buy large amounts of Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joe's, drive back up to my work to pick up Grace and still be home before normal.

It was brilliant! How could the plan fail?

Well, the other side of her mouth – you know, the teeth I was anxious for to balance out her kisser – decided to do some movement last night. Maybe I am exaggerating, but I’m fairly certain she cried from 11pm-2am. Matt held her for a good portion of those hours.

We are all tired this morning. Well, Gracie seems fine, but did sleep in 45 minutes later than normal. Matt & I are tired. Exhausted. I refused to get out of bed. I had to take a picture this morning!

We slept in. Well, I slept in. Matt can never go back to sleep.

So now, we are running over an hour behind schedule. The amount of leave I need to take the afternoon off doubled and Matt realized that he needed more than 3 hours of time at the office.

Consider the afternoon canceled. I will pout all day and resent every bite of food eaten at lunch.

Next year. Next year is a long time away though. *Sniff*

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blame it on Oprah

At what point does one qualify as a bad parent?

This morning, moments after I dropped Grace off at daycare, she was screaming. Almost out the door to go to work, I turned back and dashed back down the hall. Ms Felicitie, her primary caregiver, was moving quickly back to the infant room with Grace’s shirt in her hands.

“What’s wrong? What happened? Why is Grace crying?” I asked.

Felicitie (who has a thick French accent) said, “Coffee.” At least that’s what I thought I heard her say. Even in the moment I was unsure.

Grace was in another teacher’s arms screaming and blotchey red. As they replaced her clothes with a dry outfit, I calmed her down and covered her with kisses.

I asked again, “What happened? Did coffee spill on her?”

“No,” was Felicitie’s response, “It was my cold water.”

Grace was calm so I left for work. Ice water? Who drinks ice water out of a coffee mug at 7am? Are they lying to me? She’s not hurt, but still, I want to know if my kid had hot coffee spilt on her.

With these thoughts rattling around in my head, I went back down 15 minutes later. Grace was happy and playing, so I left. On the way out I ran into the other teacher involved again. “Do you know what was in that cup? Did hot water fall on her?” I asked.

“No,” was the response again. “It was some kind of juice.”

That just didn’t make sense to me. I went back down again in ½ hour. Grace was back in her original outfit, which had no stains, but now smelled like dish detergent. I laid her down on her back, raspberrying her belly and checking her chest for red marks. Nothing.

On my way out, I mentioned what I thought happened to a 3rd teacher. My favorite teacher. She said she would look into it.

30 minutes later I got a phone call from Felicitie. This is what actually happened.

I felt like an ass, but I will blame it on Oprah.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Felicite saw an episode of Oprah a couple of weeks ago that suggested you drink smoothie of cucumber, raw spinach, plain yogurt & lemon for breakfast for an energy boost. (Disgusting, right? That’s what I thought when she told me about this drink weeks ago.)

Well, apparently, after finishing her green breakfast, she filled the cup with water from the fountain. Before she could get the lid screwed back on though, Grace bumped the cup and the leftover green slurry splashed all over them both.

Felicite pulled Grace’s shirt off to try and wash it before staining. The screaming was due to the hand-off to the other teacher, which she has not been showing much love to lately.

As she told me all this, I could hear the words choking in her throat. “I love Grace so much,” she said, “I would never do anything to hurt her or to make you not trust me.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I wanted to scream, “Why didn’t you tell me all this when I kept asking about whether the water was hot or cold?”

Now that the whole thing is resolved, the same question of, “At what point does one qualify as a bad parent?” keeps rattling around in my head.

Was I a bad parent because I didn’t scream my concern at the top of my lungs in the first few minutes?

Was I a bad parent because I left her down there when I wasn’t 100% sure what had happened?

Am I a bad parent because I’ve made the decision to enroll Grace in daycare and keep working?

In my heart, I do believe there is no "yes or no" answer to any of these questions. It is all a learning experience. It definitely has taught me some lessons though. Better preparing me for the next time something happens.

And I know there will be a next time.

I don’t want a bubble wrap kid. I want her to jump off the high dive. To crash into things. To embrace adventure.

Those things are all under her own volition though.

I am her voice for now.

This experience was preparation on how to use it in the future.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

On Hands & Knees

I think after reading yesterday's post, Gracie's knees got jealous. "Why does the head get to have all the fun. I'm tired of hearing about these teeth. Let's get in on the action!"

And so they did.

She can now fully extend out of the baby yoga positions and onto hands and knees.

Yesterday saw a total of 3 knee movements to propel forward momentum, but lots more meaningful backwards wiggles.

Grandparents - be on alert! She will be mobile during our visit in two weeks!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dinner for Four

The fourth tooth has arrived.

You can barely see it poking out of the other side of her top tooth in this picture.
Well that was Tuesday.
It is now Saturday and it is here demanding crunchy snacks.

I hope the two on the other side come down soon so she's not so lopsided though!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Puppy Love

Our dog Lil’ Rick is the most gentle animal in the world.

Proof of this is that moments after this photo, she poked him directly in the eye – twice – with sharp finger nails – and he didn’t even flinch. I actually had to tell him to move. And then bribe him with a cookie. He was having fun and just didn't want to move.

For the first 8 months of Grace’s life, he ignored her. Completely indifferent.

He did notice the fact that he wasn’t crated for 4.5 months and that he wasn’t getting as much attention as before, but eh, it was made up for with the ability to spend 24 hours a day sleeping on our bed and extra snacks.

But lately he is taking an interest in her and her in him.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that Ricky’s interest spiked around the time she started on finger foods though. How do you resist a child that has banana crumbs on her fingers?

Slowly, but surely, he started coming around.

At first it was just drive by lickings. He would sneak up, slurp the side of her face and scurry away.

Over the last couple of weeks he has actually started “playing” with her. The play is more like sitting inches away watching her smack wooden blocks together, but still he is watching her. When he feels more interactive, he lays down touching her, which incites her to clutch handfuls of hair and poke eyes.

None of which seems to bug him. Go figure.

So during the play last night, Rick sat nose to nose with her licking cheeks, neck, arms, hands, fingers, whatever she would present to him. All the while Grace giggled.

I am so glad that our love puppy has finally decided to dish out his puppy love to Gracie.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Sister

A blast from the past called me last night. A girl that was my sidekick and partner in crime for two years. Even though we were well into adulthood when we met, we were like teenagers together. We referred to each other as "my sister."

Then she left.

I couldn’t blame her. She married and moved out of the country. There is a huge time difference between our Continets, not to mention a huge phone bill. I understood.

Over time though she stopped communicating all together.

More and more time would pass between email responses. Then they just stopped all together. After my last Christmas card went unacknowledged, I came to grips with it. OK, her life is too busy and she has moved on. I'm not exactly sitting on my hands waiting for the phone to ring either. I've got my own shit to do.

On a whim I sent her the link to this blog, figuring the emails never even get opened. Apparently she does open email because I got a phone call last night asking to meet for lunch next weekend to catch up.

I agreed, but that is where it is going to end. Sure, I will look for a place to meet to split the 3 hour drive between us in half, but nothing more than that.

Why? Because I fully expect her to get busy and not call. And it breaks my heart every time.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's Just Twister

I usually spend a few minutes playing with Grace at daycare in the morning before I go back to work. Yesterday I put Gracie down on the play mat and gave her a toy.

Two other babies spied the toy and in a matter of seconds the tumble was on.

Gracie was sitting on the ground. Baby #1 was on her hands and knees, forming a bridge over Grace’s lap trying and take the toy being held just out reach. Baby #2 then decides to get in on the action and half stands, pressing on Baby #1 like a table top, to reach over the both of them and get the toy.

It was pretty funny, like snakes in a pit or Baby Twister.

The teachers didn’t think it was very funny though. With a gasp they pulled the three sisters in babyhood apart. Grace triumphantly shook her toy at them with a toothy grin.

More and more I am told, “That Grace, she is a fighter,” when I pick her up from daycare.

I think it is funny when the three of them sit in a triangle snatching toys away from each other. The all snatch, look at it for 3 seconds, toss it back into the center of the circle and repeat.

I am told that Grace is more often the snatch-er than the snatch-ee. Is this a good or bad thing?

At the afore mentioned Dr.’s appointment, I was told that I shouldn’t be concerned that she isn’t sharing. Most kids are like that at this age. It is a baby form of socialization and children can’t really grasp the concept of right or wrong until age 4.

Well, for now I will have to be resigned to the fact that my little girl is the town bully. At least at this age there are no hurt feelings. Let the game of Baby Twister play on.

Monday, August 4, 2008

How Many Syllables Are In That Word?

The string of syllables has begun. It’s a little late, but here wearing a party dress none the less.

When I took Grace to her pediatrician two weeks ago for a check up, Dr. H asked if she was saying words or stringing syllables together yet.

My response? No not really, she more screeches than babbles. I don’t know what exactly she is saying, but she definitely is talking. We have whole screeching conversations like that.

He just looking at me a raised an eyebrow. For Dr. H, one of the nicest people I think I’ve ever met, that is concern. OK, well I would try and encourage her with practicing her “Mamamama, Dadadadada, Lalalalala” noises instead of screeching. Most kids are saying Mama and Dada by now, but she is perfectly normal and is just taking her own time with it.

Well, this weekend she started babbling away. Can you guess what her favorite is?

Dadadadada. Of course.

Matt kept telling her that she should say Mamama, but I know that he is IN LOVE with the fact that she went the Dada route first. And yes, I am incredibly jealous.