Saturday, July 18, 2009


I need to update my lists of noises and words and even sentences and songs now that Gracie can run though, but the solid favorite is face. Face.

In an intelligent, no longer a baby and just staring but a toddler taking every detail in sort of way, she is fascinated with faces. Particularly mine and Matt's. Last summer she screamed when either of us would put on sunglasses. It makes sense, a huge chunk of your face disappears in the dim of tint. Matt and I also both wear glasses, but those are an institution on our face. Face. Part of us. So as soon as she could grab, glasses were target #1.

Needless to say, the stems of my glasses had been snapped off several times and then meticulous glued back on. Two weeks ago, the glasses met their final match and lost. There was way to much superglue build up on the connection points to function any more. It just wouldn't adhere no matter how many times I tried. I wore my contacts to work for a week, but was miserable in the dry, dusty air. Then I switched back to the broken glasses, with a very Urkel like amount of black electrical tape on the left stem as it was the only thing that would both adhere and bend.

New glasses is a big deal. Face man, face. Glasses become a part of you, like skin and hair. They make or break you face. After a long arduous journey and the sampling of hundreds of styles, these are my picks.
OK, these look brown in the photo, but are actually a purple/reddish/brown, like red wine. Oh, fittingly that is the color name. Red wine.
These, are my beloved nerdy, tortoise shell glasses. When the salesman told me I looked like a librarian in them (in an attempt to talk me out of them I think) I was sold.

I just hope Gracie approves of my selections.

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