Sunday, July 5, 2009

All American

In the past, we have always planned grand events for our 4th of July's in Maryland.

We've watched fireworks from the top of the Hotel Washington and the shores of the Annapolis Naval Academy. We've sat close enough to see the players sweat during Nationals ball games. We've drank wine and nibbled cheese aboard the USS Constellation in Baltimore while watching the sparks of the city above and below.

This year though, with a lot less planning we got as All American as you can get. Berry picking, boat rides, water and sun.

Saturday morning we went to a pick your own farm minutes away from our house. Raspberries and their infamous sweet cherries were ripe and ready for collection. We let Gracie roam from raspberry bush to raspberry bush eating her hearts desire, while Matt tried to instill the idea of 'cooked' berries to her.

After Gracie's face was stained a significant shade of purple we went back home for part two of our day, swimming. Nothing says the 4th of July like beer and a belly flop into the water.
On Sunday, we wrapped up Jerry's visit and the weekend with a quick trip to Annapolis for brunch and a boat tour. The city, as always, was gorgeous and charming. Brunch was way to expensive, but delicious.

******* And Gracie, well, Gracie was a toddler with way to much energy and not enough sleep. The initial breeze of the boat pushing off the docks calmed her slightly and cracking her forehead on the metal bench of the boat after running around in manic circles for 15 minutes helped a lot too.

In all, this 4th of July was one for the books.

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