Friday, June 12, 2009

Linguistics: Gracie & the English Language

At Grace's 15 month doctors appointment we were asked how many words she had. I had to think about it. We were told that anything between 3-5 was on par and I knew we definitely had that covered.

As we approach the end of her 15th month, why not document her words? I know there will be a vocabulary boom in the next year, so let's start with the basics and see how the list expands over the next few months!

20 months-
Aunt Jen, Uncle Jer
grapes, sauce, chicken, vitamin
car=vroom, truck=honk, fire truck=woooo, plane=zoom
hurt, pee, poo

19 months- 48 new words (135 total)
face, body, hand, fingers, leg, toes, belly, eyebrow, cheek, chin
pickle, strawberries, chicken, broccoli (also called trees), beans, cookie, ice cream, peach, apple, crab, fish, food. spoon, fork
inside, outside, swim, pool, ocean, sand, beach, tree
home, hello, bye-bye, mine, potty
car, truck, fire truck, ambulance, bike, bus, boat
yummy, ickies
Word Combinations:
Daddy home!
More please!
Not nice! & Hagi says not nice!
Kind-of / Sort-of:
Count to 10
Sing: Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle, ABC's, Row Row Row Your Boat

17 months- 45 new words (87 total)
cat = meow, dog = woof, cow = moo, sheep = bah, snake = sssss, donkey = hehaw, bird = tweet, duck = quack, fish, dolphin, worm, bug
eyes, ear, nose, mouth, hair
sun, cloud, sky, moon, towel
sorry, bless you
juice, pizza, eat
sock, shirt, sit, tooth, brush, bath, poo
dude, dingo (yeah, I know I need to stop referring to my daughter as "dude" & "dingo", but come on...)
Word Combinations:
Bot please!

16 months - 13 new words (42 total)
Mommy, Daddy, PaPa, Grandma, Grandpa
More, Please, Thank You (Pronounced: De Da (but it really does me thank you)
Happy Birthday! (Pronounced: Hap' Biray!)
Book, Socks
Word Combinations:
Bye Bye Daddy!, No do!

15 months - 29 words
Yes, No
Hi, Bye
Up, Down
All Done (said as 1 word)
Mama, Dada, Matt (yeah, I know), Gracie, Lilah, Hagi, Rick, Dog
Eat, Banana, Blue (berries), Cheese, Milk, Bottle, Cup
Ball, Sit, Book, Balloon, Shoe
Wow, Boom!


NES said...

And shoe! I know I've heard her say shoe repeatedly. Up the tally!

Matt said...

With Wow! and Boom! she is all set to take over for John Madden.