Monday, June 1, 2009

Sand & Sun

We're back from a weekend at the beach.

It was lovely. Normally I mean this sarcastically, but aside from a few ugly moments, it was perfect.

It took a few minutes, but Grace quickly warmed up to the feel of sand under her toes

and the rush of the cold ocean on her legs.

Then came the real fun with periodic breaks that included frantic dashes back into the ocean.

This 3rd annual family pilgrimage to the shore, did start around an event though.
This year was Matt's the 2nd anniversary of his first triathlon.
730 days, thousands of miles, 8 inches off the waist and he is a full blown triathlete.
Oh, and let's not forget to mention the fact the he was 48 minutes faster this year than in 2007.

He chose to follow this work out with a little 56 mile bike ride on Sunday

in preparation for the next big race.

While Matt burned thousands of calories, Gracie and I went on our own little walk.

Through the Prime Outlet Mall.

Yeah, we had a good time.

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