Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Fruit Striped Monkey

Summer is upon us at daycare.

This week starts their new, pricey, slew of activities for the kids through the end of August. There will be shows, animals, music and special snacks galore (read: ice cream every other Friday.)

The best part about summer at daycare though - and frankly the only part that we didn't have to shell out more money for - is the water play.

As an infant, Gracie HATED it. I always thought it was funny in a cruel sort of way.

Typically, they would fill the baby pool up moments before with freezing water straight out of the hose and chuck the little ones in. The ones who could sit on their own anyway. The rest would be strapped into a hard plastic double stroller and pushed through a sprinkler.

The moment I saw the hose, I knew she wouldn't like it. She's just like her mama, a hot water kind of girl. If you tried to put her anywhere near the water she would scream like a banshee.

This year though, they filled the pool with warm water from the inside tap via many buckets and pots rolled out on a wagon. I do think this was out of necessity because they hadn't gotten the key to turn on the outside water supply yet, so next week might not go as well.

So now you have four anxious little girls who have been running around in swimsuits chanting 'Outside. Outside!' in quartet for 15 minutes and a pool that is two feet in diameter.

It was like watching monkeys in a barrel, if monkeys giggled while they kicked, splashed and jabbed.

But they were all VERY happy monkeys.

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