Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Spring Birds Take Flight

Yesterday was the daycare graduation / spring program.

For the last few months, the teachers I deposit Grace with kept telling me that Grace had a very special roll in the upcoming graduation ceremony. She was going to count to ten for everyone because they were so dazzled with her ability to say the numbers.

I asked them almost every day if they were sure that was such a good idea. They kept assuring me that it was. They were practicing daily, and in the weeks that led to the ceremony they were practicing in the auditorium every day.

Ok, whatever you guys want to do....

And they did. She had her very own byline.
Do you see the 'Counting 1 to 10'? It's right there between 'Twinkle, Twinkle' and 'Who Left the Juice'? (Yeah, I can't make this stuff up.)
Well, as soon as Grace hit the stage with Ms. Hagi, there was a Meltdown of Epic Proportion. It's like she could feel the eyes of 40 families burrowing into her soul. One look into an audience of unfamiliar faces and the whole take was lost.
I knew it was coming though. She is her mother's daughter. I have been know to have an onstage breakdown once or twice in my time. I had warned them. Not only was there no counting, there also no singing. Only the shrieks of a very pissed off child trying to sabotage the Twinkle, Twinkle melody of her classmates.
I knew it was coming, so I laughed.
Despite everything though, Gracie ended the day with a lovely award and a piece of cake.

And I left one very proud Mama.

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