Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baited Breath

We've been holding our breath the last few days.


Waiting for answers. Waiting for good news. Waiting for something.

Leading up to this week, we have been planning a trip to Manhattan. My mom is coming out on Friday and the four of us are supposed to sight see for a few days. This would me my mom's first trip to NYC, something I know she's been looking forward to for ages. Details and reservations are something I've been obsessing over for weeks.

One of the little details was getting the oil changed on my car. It was overdue and starting to run a little funny. The car has been chugging, getting stuck in gears and loosing power. The mechanic couldn't check the transmission fluid in his shop so we took it to the dealership. The dealership said 'their computer couldn't find anything wrong.' We immediately got the car back and took it to the transmission shop 5 minutes from out house.

My car almost didn't make it there. My baby is failing me. Sure, she had over 100,000 miles, but I assumed the car would run forever. FOREVER. This really was my plan. The mechanic said it doesn't look good.

So now how can we justify our weekend of gluttony and expense (because what is the point of NYC if it isn't filled with gluttony?) when we have an impending, absolutely unplanned, expense that will have more zeros attached to it than I care to think about?

So we are holding our breath and waiting. Waiting for things to fall in place. It may take hours, days, weeks, but the answers are there. I just hope they are the ones we want to hear.

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