Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All Through the Town

I'm slowly, but surely, becoming what I hate.

OK, hate is a little bit dramatic.

What I've always mocked.

Even after Grace was born, I still stuck by the notion that parents who listen to kiddie music and watch Elmo were suckers. I still believe that, I'm just slowly sinking into the sucker category.

At home the TV is always on. I know, I should have principals against that, but I don't. I like the noise and I'm lazy. However, the TV is on SportsCenter or Style - NOT - kiddie programing.

Monday I broke though. Grace decided that the 3 hour naps she took on Saturday and Sunday meant that she didn't need to sleep on Monday. About 4 hours into the meltdowns I turned on Noggin's Little Bear in the hopes she would at least lay down and snuggle for a few minutes. You know, take a quick break from smacking her head on sharp corners. We made it through one 15 minute episode. Then she was done.

The kiddie music though, oh, I have definitely failed that one.

No, we don't listen to CD's really. At least not kiddie ones. In a pinch, I turn on the CD with her ever present favorite song, I'm Yours. (Yeah, it quickly over took Pink.)

But the singing. The singing!

The child cannot get enough of The Wheels on the Bus. This is amplified by the sudden connection of what a bus is AND the fact that we pass 40 of them on the way to work. (The hazard of working at the junction of two counties and a heavy Metrobus route.)

So now, NOW, we HAVE TO, sing The Wheels on the Bus for at least half an hour each way. If nothing else, there is a quick declaration of 'All two toouwwwm.'

And I comply.

How can I not? It makes her so happy, which makes me happy.

Like I said, I am officially a sucker.

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