Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Put Your New Shoes On

OK - I know it must be annoying that I keep writing posts every time Grace gets a new pair of shoes.

It IS a big deal in our house though.

You should see her face when presented with new shoes. She gets so happy. Last night's presentation of the new shoes was greeting with shrieks of Yay! and happy feet stomping, followed by demands to immediately wear them. So long Abigail's.

Not to even mention the amount of time I spent obsessing about this pair, her first real pair of big girl shoes.

No more soft bottoms for Gracie.

In fact, the purchase of these new pretties was moved up by the fact that she had torn a hole in the bottom of her shoes, presumable from the vigorous outdoor play. Franky, I wouldn't want to be running on wood chips wearing slippers anyway, so I had been feeling a little bad that she was doing just that.

So I present the new Pedipeds - the Janines.

Grace has already fallen about a dozen times this morning. Presumably due to the new concept of actual grippers on the bottom of her shoes.

Plus, in keeping with her tradition of taking off her shoes and socks anytime we are in the car, she has also realized that these have removable cushion inserts too. Now, not only do I have to put socks and shoes back on while she kicks at me, I must cram 4 inserts back into the shoes too.

Good times, good times.

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