Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Upgrade. Again.

Gracie's little feet are growing like weeds.

I am finding the same problem in her clothes, particularly shirts. She's so long and skinny, that while the sleeves fit, the hem of the shirt is giving little baby belly and butt crack shots constantly. I've been upgrading her shirts to 24 months and now her feet have gotten in on the action.

After two short months in her Grace shoes, she is once again getting an upgrade. Like I said, growing like weeds.
It doesn't hurt that her polk-a-dot shoes look like they've been though a weedwacker either. Put three of the dots together and you have whole #1. Whole #2 is another solid polk-a-dot's width. Not attractive. Plus she keeps pulling on the material, ripping it more.

*Note to self: If we ever have another kid, don't buy the canvas covered Pedipeds. They rip.*

In fact, they riped just over a week into their new status as Gracie's shoes, thanks to a 70 degree day and her first toddler foray onto the playground. I was told she screamed like hell when the teachers made her go back inside after their 1/2 hour play time.

So the new shoes?
This time we went with the Abigail in Navy & Pink.
I figure the darker color will hide more dirt, the leather will stand up to outdoor play better AND I scored them for half price.
Grace was insanely happy to put them on this morning too. She started squealing and laughing with a "Sues! Sues! Sues!" chant, followed by a happy dance when I put her on the floor.
Definitely my kid.

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