Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

I hate the weather in the Mid-Atlantic. The weather casters just never know what's going to happen. Last night they were predicting "somewhere between 2-12 inches of snow!"
I'm sorry, there is a huge difference between 2 and 12 inches of snow.
I guess you really can't cast blame them though. There is a mountain range and other crazy assorted geographical formations to contend with that we didn't have to account for in the Mid-West. In Chicago we only have the Lake Effect. Which just always means more snow.

Here? Not so much. Panic ensues all the time over the possibility of 'The Big One,' much like the excitement over Nascar crashes. There are school cancellations constantly, just on suspicion of snow. More often than not, not a single flake sticks to the ground.
Last night it did. This morning it has.

Grace got her first official Snow Day. The first time we've donned the snow pants with coordinating booties. (Which caused my mom scoff at the fact that Grace didn't actually own any proper snow boots.) The first time gloves and hat were REQUIRED. The first time we've gotten to experience the parent's side of stuffing a squirming child into 5 layers.

We ventured outdoors and quickly realized that it probably is indeed hard to walk in snow that comes up to your knees combined with slippery polyester boots on your feet. (Read, Grace tried to take a step and face planted in the snow. She was mad. She was ready to go back inside.)
Let's just get the sled out!!! We can pull her!!! Oh, wait. We don't own one. (See 'proper snow boots' above.)
Our solution? Wagon! It's the best of both worlds. Grace could still go fast, but Matt had much more control and she was semi-secured.

The wagon redeemed her opinion of this winter wonderland and caused Grace to spend much of the day looking out the door saying. 'S.No. S.No. Hi S.No. S.No'

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