Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Collar Color

Matt and I consider ourselves blue collar. Despite the fact the we are decidedly NOT blue collar any more.

We believe in the value of it. The work ethic of it. Which I suppose is what makes us good at our comfy desk jobs now. We both have worked hard, crappy, physically challenging jobs in the past. OK, Matt decidedly more than I have, but we've both lifted boxes and spent 10 nonstop hours on our feet for pay in the past.

This week, I have been pulled away from the above cushy desk job, and thrown back into manual labor as part of my overall 'Career Development Program'.

What that means is I am forced to organize, lift and instruct for a week in order for my office to justify paying me more money when I am back at my desk. I am good with that.

I'm halfway through this week and I am tired. I am sore. I am cracking in places that I'd forgotten about. On some level though, I am enjoying it.

It is blue collar. It is back to my roots. It is the first time in forever that I feel like I am truly earning my pay.

We have movers in the building this week doing the bulk of the heavy lifting. They are part of a VA program that takes in veterans that have had - issues- and gives them a job to get back on their feet. Some are a little -off- but for the most part, I like them. I like working with them. They don't complain. They don't have arguments over who's workload is harder and meetings they must attend. They are a team.

I've decided this week that if I am earning 10 times the pay as these guys, I should act like it. So I have been helping. Physically helping. Which apparently is shocking them, and my white collar peers. The quasi-leader of the movers, who rallies and energizes with his chants and yelps of encouragement, keeps calling me 'Mam and telling me not to lift anything.

Yesterday though, after I flung two boxes to make his next lift easier, he stopped cold and looked me up and down. Those boxes were heavy and you picked them up like they were 'nuthin. You alright 'Mam.

I just smiled at him and kept working.

Blue collar roots baby.

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Anonymous said...

You know I read your blog every day. I hope you and Gracie feel better before your trip to Chicago.