Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Around and Around We Go

It’s never ending. Our cycle of ick and germs and illness. Just as soon as one of us gets better and I start to relax we pull the Sorry card getting sent back to Go.

I was celebrating this morning. I took my 5th, and final, azithromycin pill to help play defense to the 10 days of amoxicillin I’d gulped down previous to that.

All because I insisted I wasn’t sick and that we should still go back to Chicago.

Last Friday, after what should have been a soothing lunch of my favorite Olive Garden soup, salad and breadsticks, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Like my throat was so raw from coughing that it was going to seize right up and stop working all together. So I broke and called my doctor. Bless her, she saw me that afternoon.

I can’t see anything wrong, she told me, but after 10 days of antibiotics you should feel 100%. You must still have some infection rattling around in your lungs. Here, take this. The z-pack will kill anything else that has gotten comfy in there. You should be fine in a couple of days.

And I am. So I relaxed and danced a little jig in my head this morning with my last pill.

That was at 6 am.

At 9 am things changed.

It’s never good when you see the daycare number pop up on your caller ID.

The thick French accent on the other end of the line told me: Umm, I was just changing Grace’s diaper and noticed her eye looks a little funny. You need to come get her. She has the pink in eye.

Huh? She what?

Her eye. It has the pink. Like Louis’ did. You need to come get her, she has to go home because she is contagious.

Huh? Then it dawned on me. PINK EYE! Son of a ….. Daycare germs strike again!

Umm, except those 5 days off 2 weeks ago? That left me exactly -1.5 annual and -24 sick in the negative. I can’t leave. Matt is stuck on sick duty.

Today’s visit to Dr. H turned out to be a good thing because she really is sick. Not only does she have the start of conjunctivitis, but like her mom, has the remnants of that ear infection still rattling around in there. Eye drops every 4 hours (fun!) and another round of antibiotics.

So Matt has gathered all his strength and is home with our sick child for the next 24 hours. Except, I’m sure if you could ask her, she’s really not sick. She feels fine. So instead of being home with a sick child that sleeps and snuggles, he is home with a highly contagious caged beast that is mad that she isn’t at school running around with her friends.

Good times, good times. Wish us luck.

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