Thursday, April 2, 2009

Technology. Great.

I am mobile again. My new cell phone came yesterday, in its shiny splendor, so now the three people who ever call my cell can dial once again.

This is the one I picked.

It is so sleek (read: smudges every time I touch it) and it is has so many features (read: I have no idea how to work it) and given this, it is making me feel REALLY old.

It will totally figure out how to use it this weekend and will probably love it come Monday, but right now it is just a little too fancy. It was the least fancy one they had though….

When did 30, OK closer to 31 than 30, but when did 30 become old?


Anonymous said...

Watch what you're saying, young whippersnapper. What does that make us -- dead??? :-)

Barry and John

Matt said...

You're not dead, you just smell that way.