Thursday, April 30, 2009


My mom called with fabulous news yesterday.

She wants to come out here. (Nice news, but not fabulous.)

To watch Gracie. (Good news, but not fabulous.)

So Matt and I can escape for a weekend without her! (Yes, that is the fabulous part.)

Ahh. Vacation....

But then we started to flip through calender. The soonest this can happen, between her weekends off and Matt's triathlons is the end of June. The weekend after we were already had already made tentative plans to take a quick weekend trip as a family.

Now the conundrum - and what a wonderful one it is to have-

Do we still go on the family trip? (If so, it greatly reduces our ability to spend money the week after.)

Do Matt and I just go on a trip by ourselves? (And will we feel guilty?)

Do we say screw it all and just spend money we don't have like wildfire?? (Tempting, but not practical.)

Hmm. Like I said - what a wonderful problem to have.

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