Friday, April 3, 2009

Forget Me Not

We hit another first yesterday.

It was more my milestone in motherhood and parenting, or lack there of, though. Yesterday, I FORGOT Gracie at daycare.

Not for very long. It's not like I left her at the airport or anything.

She spent an extra 3 minutes in the classroom that she loves so much, but I know she spent it waiting for me. She knows the schedule. She knows sometime around 3:45pm my face will come around the corner.

My excuse for forgetting her? She's been sick (no pickup duty) and I am easily distracted.

We arrived a little at daycare a little later than normal, which means I signed into work a little later than normal. Which means we will get home a little later than normal. Which means I was thinking about what we were going to have for dinner that could be created in half an hour's time.

My mind was going through freezer and pantry items, lists of work that needed to be completed before the weekend, plans for the weekend, plans for the month of April.... and zip.

Right by the daycare.

Right onto the the road.

I didn't get far.

I realized my mistake as I was turning out onto the main road and was quickly able to do a U turn and head right back in. I was only home in my head when I realized that there was no head bobbing along to Pink and Lady GaGa in the backseat.

Not before I got a disapproving snuff from a security guard though.

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