Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I lost my phone.

A week ago. I'm just now getting around to admitting to myself that it is gone forever.

Well, Grace lost my phone to be fair. Yes, I did give it to her. No, I did not pay attention to her movements with it after its gift. It could be anywhere really.

Well, not anywhere. I know it is somewhere at my parents house. Or in the garbage /Chicago area landfill. But if it is in my parents house, it might as well be in a landfill. They have a slight... clutter... problem, so my bright idea of turning the phone off before giving it to Grace so she can't call China has backfired on me.

I've always wondered how people could loose their phones. It was something that I associated with be dumb and/or drunk.

Hmmm. I definitely wasn't drunk, but I guess giving my phone to Grace does fall into the realm of dumb.

Anyway, not that many people call my cell phone, but this is my notice to all: I'm not ignoring your call. I have never and will never receive it at this point. At least until Matt and I get our act together and figure out what phone company we want our service to be with next and order a new phone.

On the up side, my new phone will definitely have a camera, so the next time I see the Granny-mobile with the army of saint statues across the dashboard I will be able to capture photographic evidence of the beast and share with all you.

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