Thursday, February 5, 2009

We're Wii-ing

So, the story behind the Wii. There is always a story with us, huh? Nothing can ever be simple.

True to form, once we decided we wanted one of the pretties, Matt became obsessed. OBSESSED.

We waited out the delayed holiday season in the hopes that one might be gifted. Nope. We were on our own. Matt pounced. He spent hours stalking retailers for Wii's. Giving how this story ends, I’m not quite sure why we didn’t just buy one off E-Bay, but I guess he wanted the instant gratification of the purchase. I get that.

So Matt called every Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Game Stop and Best Buy within a 20 mile radius of his work daily for deliveries. After almost a week of this, he found one and sweet talked the electronics lady into holding it for him.

He ran and claimed it. It was his. It is ours. We were now the proud owners of a Wii with the coordinating Fit. I spent almost an hour setting up my character, which he found infuriating. He wanted to play. I wanted to try out hairstyles.


Exactly two weeks later we get an automated phone call from UPS. A package is to be delivered to your home sometime between 9am and 5pm. Someone will need to be home to sign for the package. It cannot be left at the door. A signature is required. Thank you.

Hmmm …. Odd.

Of course we didn’t stay home. Miss a day of work for something that we didn’t order? I don’t think so.

The next night, my mom calls.

Did you guys get a package?

Huh? No. Oh, wait, UPS did try to deliver something today, but it is signature required. What is it?

I can’t tell you. Then it won’t be a surprise.

After about 15 minutes of this she finally spilled. You know what she bought us?

Yep. A Wii with the coordinating Fit.

From a website that overcharged her and had a non-refundable clause in their fine print. Actually, the print wasn’t that fine. It was in bold red letters in their return policy.

After going back and forth for awhile, with mom’s encouragement, we decided to E-Bay it. The night that the package came we pilfered the accessories that came with it that we wanted and put the Wii up. Quick run 24 hour sale. It sold for about what we paid for ours at Walmart, so we are happy. Sucks for my mom, but we are happy.

Now to play. Wii you later alligator.

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