Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Makes You Drool?

Matt has realized a dream come true. Like a centerfold jumping out of the pages of Playboy, Matt is in the throws of his bike porn come to life.

The object of his affection?

----------2009 Felt B16 - Full-Carbon Tri Bike ----------

It has been his since this past Saturday, complete with a few upgrades thrown in for free. Does it look expensive to you? Yeah, I don't think it does either, but guess what? It is. Oh boy it is. It is cheap for it's kind though, and this isn't a passing fad for Matt so I was supportive of it's purchase.


It's new presence in our garage has gotten me thinking. If I had $2,000.00 magically fall out of the sky, what would I blow it on? No, not what do I need. What ridiculous things do I WANT.

- SO -

Some dream about owning Jimmy Choo's or Manolo Blahnik's. For me, it's always been Christian Louboutian's.

Christian Louboutin Spring Collection Mary Jane Pump $875.00

Tiffany & Company. Nothing is timeless like Tiffany's. To be honest though, I would be happy with an empty blue box from Tiffany's. Naw, I'm lying. I would be mad because and empty box would be mean. So how about a with a blue box with this pendant or a heart locket?

---- Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Round Pendant $625.00 ----

-------------Tiffany & Co. Heart Locket $425.00 ------------

The new Banana Republic Monogram line has some beautiful clothes in it's collection. Click on the link below and check out the back of this dress.

Then, forget the fact that I look horrible in orange. Forget the fact that I would need to loose 100 lbs to look good in this dress. It is stunning and this is fantasy, because where else but in a fantasy would I have occasion to wear a bright orange dress?

--------- BR Monogram backless dress $225.00 ----------

That would leave me with a remaining balance of $475.00, but I will keep it and spend that on the miracle diet I would need to actually look good in that backless dress I love so much.

---- OR ---- I could forgo all of that and buy this .....

Restoration Hardware Palladian 18-Drawer Dresser Dark Tobacco $4,395.00 / on sale (ha!) for $2,197.50

Mmmmmmm .... is it wrong that a piece of furniture makes me drool?


Matt said...

In all fairness, none of those items will increase your speed or aerodynamics. Let's ignore the fact that I myself am not aerodynamic.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw that bike's pic as last month's Playbike centerfold.