Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Whee! Wii! Whew.

Matt and I have been so good about limiting our spending lately.

Well, good for us anyway.

Since we started our spending crack-down in November, I don’t think I have spent more than $50 on things that I don’t “need” (yeah, I know, totally in quotes.)

Now we are getting itchy.

On Sunday we went to NES’s house for a Wii play date. We keep hesitating on the purchase of this pricey gaming system, because let’s face it, we loose interest in things quickly. (Ahemm… can you say Elliptical Machine that is collecting cobwebs in our basement.)

We loved the Wii though. How often, as adults, do you get to hula hoop? How often do you get to hula hoop in your living room? How often do you get to hula hoop in your living room with full knowledge that you look like and idiot, but just don’t care??


That’s how often.

But we did. We hula hooped! We skied! We Yoga-ed! We battled with NES’s family. And it was GREAT. We, as adults, actually PLAYED.

It was so much fun and as a couch potato slug, I love the idea of another source of motivation right in front of me to get off that couch after Grace goes to sleep. Sure, it’s not the same as getting on that said Elliptical or doing crunches, but I wasn’t doing that anyway.

So now we are facing some spendy dilemmas. The suckers are $300. Plus $130 for the Fit. We’ve been SO good. Now we are falling into a big time hissyfit of WANT WANT WANT. ME ME ME. NEED NEED NEED.

We will see my little Wii, I’m sure we will figure something out. If nothing else, I know where one lives and there is a fat little character with my name all over it.

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NES said...

absolutely - rematch anytime!!!