Thursday, January 8, 2009

But It Dangles

Yesterday was a two-fer for the milestones.

The first, the official declaration of toddlerdom is major. The second, is a milestone that I’ve been thinking about already, but had no idea we would hit so soon.

Body parts. Interest in them. Discovery of them.

When I thought about this though, it was her own. Or mine. And she would be able to talk and ask questions.

Nope not my kid. At just shy of 15 months old, what did she do last night?

Barged in on her father in a non-dressed state (not a big deal), walked right up to him (big deal but only because of the newness of the walking) and grabbed hold of his … ahhh …. umm … manhood (big deal.)

No. No. In all the conversations we’ve been having about what to do when curiosity about body parts arises, we have decided to use actual names.

Grace grabbed Matt’s penis last night.

There. I said it.

Well, I typed it. It was still hard, even through my snickering. It is so hard to stop snickering.

At this point there is nothing to do. She doesn’t understand the concept of ‘private areas’ yet and I doubt there is even any point in trying to explain. She has a whole new perspective (literally) on life. There is so much more in her line of sight.

There was a thing dangling right in front of her. She’d be crazy NOT to grab, right?

While I know not very many people read this, any suggestions Internets? (Aside from Matt putting clothes back on faster.)

How do you handle this? How do we prepare for the questions to come?

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Matt said...

I can hear the authorities from DCFS arriving outside.