Friday, January 23, 2009

Dreaming, On a Friday Afternoon

Even before my Friday is officially over, I am going to announce that I have gotten more work done this week than I have in quite awhile.


Why am I applauding myself? Because it was only a three day week.

How does this happen?

Let me tell you.


I always (OK, sometimes) start off strong on Monday, but after 3 days I start to get tired. I become disenfranchised. I start doubting my mission and my work. Which makes me slow down. I hate it. I hate thinking that I hate what I’m doing for 8 hours a day, but that is how most of my weeks go.

This week though, thank you MLK & President Obama, it was only a three day work week, and my productivity is surpassing what I normally accomplish. Sure, I’m starting to feel the burnout, but I’m motivated by the fact that it is Friday instead of being discouraged by Wednesday.

I haven’t been this happy for no reason at all in a long time.

Maybe someone important will read this and decide that I will only have to work for 24 hours a week and still get paid for 40 from now on.

Maybe not, but a girl can dream.

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