Friday, January 2, 2009

Time Marches On

Happy New Year!

I am excited about this New Year, and I think it is because I made a point out of NOT making any resolutions. What is the point?

We all want to loose weight.

We all want to do good things / be better people.

We all want our family and friends to prosper and be happy.

So what is the point of making resolutions that will only feed guilt and disappointment when I inevitably fail? We all falter, so why put quantification on the next 365 days?

I still have goals for 2009, though they are much more flexible and subjective this year.

1) I want to remember to spend more time living in the moment.

Grace is learning so fast and growing so quickly. Her vocabulary is ever expanding and each day she is steadier on her legs.

Yesterday she took 12 consecutive steps a few times. Tomorrow it will be even more. A few months from now she will be running around the house and into my arms. A few years from now she will be running out of the house and away from us.

Yesterday Matt and I were discussing plans for our basement. He thinks we should build another bedroom down there so when Grace is older she can have more space.

I freaked.

More space? More space!! Hell no. She is staying upstairs.

I want to slow down, calm down and appreciate that she is tugging on my pants to be held.

2) I want to drink more water.

OK, that does fall along the lines of a 'resolution', but I really don't expect myself to. I won't feel like a failure if I don't.

I hate water and am a Diet Coke junkie.

However, I am starting to see creases in my face (I refuse to call them wrinkles at 30) to accompany my ever expanding colony of silver hair and figure that if I can just start drinking A LITTLE bit more more during the week they will fill in and go away.

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