Sunday, January 18, 2009

Painting My World

Yesterday I scraped. Today I painted.

And through it all, as always, I cursed the previous owners of our home.

I am convinced that wallpaper is the devil's creation. It is beyond my comprehension why on earth you would want to glue, and in this case I'm certain SUPER GLUED, paper onto walls.

Especially since I have seen very few wallpapers that I actually think are pretty. And then the ones that are pretty cost more than what we paid for all the furniture in our house, so I go back to the idea that wallpaper is the devil's creation.

Now my house is rid of this evil though.

No more mauve bathroom. No more dirty off-white hall. No more floral wallpaper. Just a simple Blue Mesa bathroom and a sunny Jersey Cream hall.

No frills. Slight mistakes here and there, but at least the mistakes are mine.

1 comment:

John said...

We have a kitchen that could use some work -- we still have the spackling John worked on years ago. Any time is good. :)

John and Barry