Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mature Corgi Free to a Good Home

My family always had pets growing up.

In fact, we’ve had 3 dogs, 5 cats, 1 bird, 2 turtles, 1 alligator (Jerry’s but I’ll still count it) and billions of fish. So I am rarely surprised by pet antics.

Until now.

Our 2nd dog, Scooter, used to go on what we titled his “spring walk-a-bouts”. Every year when the nice weather hit after a long Chicago winter, Scoot would take off once or twice. Besides the obvious problem of a dog running around in traffic, we also had concern for the fact that he terrified most people. He was a BIG dog, gentle as a lamb, but BIG. A Shepard-Collie-Malamute mix that was easily over 100 pounds. When he stood on his hind legs, he could put his feet on my shoulder. I’m 5’10”.

We don’t have those issues with Little Rick. He is a pure breed Corgi and a little pork sausage of a dog. For the most part he was impeccably trained by his previous owners, despite the fact that he doesn’t respond to the fun dog tricks people expect like, ‘paw’, ‘roll over’ or even ‘sit’.

Over the last few weeks though, he seems to have had a late onset of Scoots walk-a-bout fever. He escaped from our fenced in back yard at least a dozen times in April. This prompted a round of spring maintenance (e.g. gluing the crappy plastic picket posts back onto its crappy plastic frame) but that dog is resourceful. Tricky. He was not about to be outdone. With the posts back in place, he is now squeezing his little body through the pickets.

So what do we do about his?

Rick is dumb. We don’t trust him to go pee on someone else’s yard and then come trotting back. He has no idea where he lives (but I guess that isn’t entirely his fault – we don’t walk him nearly enough and all the houses look similar in our neighborhood.)

Maybe with the upcoming summer we will need to start going for walks after dinner to get it out of his system … or place an add in the paper for a free Corgi to a good home.

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