Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Sister

A blast from the past called me last night. A girl that was my sidekick and partner in crime for two years. Even though we were well into adulthood when we met, we were like teenagers together. We referred to each other as "my sister."

Then she left.

I couldn’t blame her. She married and moved out of the country. There is a huge time difference between our Continets, not to mention a huge phone bill. I understood.

Over time though she stopped communicating all together.

More and more time would pass between email responses. Then they just stopped all together. After my last Christmas card went unacknowledged, I came to grips with it. OK, her life is too busy and she has moved on. I'm not exactly sitting on my hands waiting for the phone to ring either. I've got my own shit to do.

On a whim I sent her the link to this blog, figuring the emails never even get opened. Apparently she does open email because I got a phone call last night asking to meet for lunch next weekend to catch up.

I agreed, but that is where it is going to end. Sure, I will look for a place to meet to split the 3 hour drive between us in half, but nothing more than that.

Why? Because I fully expect her to get busy and not call. And it breaks my heart every time.

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