Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Hate Mint

I have a non baby related rant today.

I hate mint. I do.

We have rouge mint plants growing in our back yard and every time they are mowed off the smell makes me nauseous. I think mint tea is one of the least soothing things on the planet. I still buy mint toothpaste, but only because the flavors leave a funny residue on my tongue and then I only use a baby sized amount.

OK, I will admit I like Girl Scout Thin Mints, Andies chocolates & can order mint chocolate chip ice cream. But all three involve large amounts of chocolate too.

And the ice cream doesn’t count because who does like ice cream? In any form?

Well, I did have to send back an ice cream cone I ordered during our babymoon in Boston last year. They duped me.

There were literally 70 flavors to pick from. I went with ‘Devils Chocolate’ thinking it would be a super rich, super chocolaty creation.


It was chocolate ice cream with HOT SAUCE & RED HOTS mixed it.

I was appalled. The girl laughed and said that they get that reaction a lot with that flavor and she would bring me something else. I went Pistachio. It was the safest flavor I could think of.

~ ~ ~ I digress though ~ ~ ~

I hate mint. It’s mainly the smell. Don’t like it at all.

There is a lady that comes up to MY bathroom on the 6th floor to brush her teeth after lunch. Pretty much every day. I assume she has been asked not to do this on her own floor anymore.

It is so disgusting. It is like being in a dentists office.

She carries a little kit with brush, paste, floss, mouth wash and who know what else, and sets it all out on the counter. It takes her about 15 minutes to complete the process.

I understand the concept of good dental hygiene, I should totally floss more than I do, but come on lady! It is a semi-public bathroom, not your own freaking house!

I am trying to pee and your gargling? For 30 seconds! Who even gargles that long?? Then your nasty spit makes the whole bathroom stink like mint. I hate mint!

I know this is a stupid post but every time I am exposed to it I want to barf.

God I hate mint.

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