Friday, August 22, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

We were on our game last night.

By the time I got home with Grace, Matt had the kitchen straightened and most of his clothes for the week packed. We quickly ate our microwaved dinner of left over Chinese - part of my brilliant plan to order too much so I didn’t have to cook - went even more smoothly than I could have imagined.

I pulled out the list of baby supplies I need to pack and efficiently gathered them from around the house, managing to neatly pack everything into one easy-to-carry laundry basket to haul into and out of our many destinations.

By 8 pm we were completely packed, loaded into the car and sitting on the couch with a glass of wine.

This morning however was a different story.

Matt woke at 3 am to be driving east by 3:30. Ironically, the sound of the shower didn’t wake me, but the smell of the Dial soap did. Go figure, couldn’t hear him, but could smell the fresh, crisp scent of his soap.

Grace also slept through the shower, but woke to the faint click of the front door closing. At 3:35 am she was awake and crying.

I brought her into bed with me in the hopes that she would sleep a little longer. After using my stomach as a pillow for 20 minutes she laid back and snuggled against me.


I don’t like my alarm. It makes me angry every morning, but I keep it because it is so obnoxiously loud that I actually get up.

Grace doesn’t like it either apparently.

Before I could even get my hand close to the beast, she was screaming. I mean SCREAMING.

No matter what I did I couldn’t calm her down. After about 15 minutes I decided that she would just have to scream on her own, so I put her in her crib with every toy I could find. 30 minutes later she was still screaming.

Finally a warm bottle and lots of hugs did the trick. I’m sure the 45 minute nap she got on the ride to daycare didn’t hurt either.

Do I get a nap today?

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