Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's Just Twister

I usually spend a few minutes playing with Grace at daycare in the morning before I go back to work. Yesterday I put Gracie down on the play mat and gave her a toy.

Two other babies spied the toy and in a matter of seconds the tumble was on.

Gracie was sitting on the ground. Baby #1 was on her hands and knees, forming a bridge over Grace’s lap trying and take the toy being held just out reach. Baby #2 then decides to get in on the action and half stands, pressing on Baby #1 like a table top, to reach over the both of them and get the toy.

It was pretty funny, like snakes in a pit or Baby Twister.

The teachers didn’t think it was very funny though. With a gasp they pulled the three sisters in babyhood apart. Grace triumphantly shook her toy at them with a toothy grin.

More and more I am told, “That Grace, she is a fighter,” when I pick her up from daycare.

I think it is funny when the three of them sit in a triangle snatching toys away from each other. The all snatch, look at it for 3 seconds, toss it back into the center of the circle and repeat.

I am told that Grace is more often the snatch-er than the snatch-ee. Is this a good or bad thing?

At the afore mentioned Dr.’s appointment, I was told that I shouldn’t be concerned that she isn’t sharing. Most kids are like that at this age. It is a baby form of socialization and children can’t really grasp the concept of right or wrong until age 4.

Well, for now I will have to be resigned to the fact that my little girl is the town bully. At least at this age there are no hurt feelings. Let the game of Baby Twister play on.

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gina said...

Baby Twister! that's really funny! just make sure that no one gets hurt.