Monday, August 18, 2008

Great Day For a Sick Day

So much for being sick today.

Friday afternoon Grace spiked a temperature of 100.9 at daycare. Anything above 100.5 for over an hour they send you home. Her teachers striped her down, wrapped cool towels around her and successfully got the temp down to 100.5.

Then she pulled a Poltergeist move and vomited carrots all over herself, Ms. Felicitie and 4 square feet of the tile floor below her.

We went home early.

All weekend she had a fever. It ranged from 99.9 to 201.1. She was so congested that there have been a minimum of 3 crying sessions per night.

Last night we made the decision to keep her home today and take the first available appointment at Dr.H's office. I called right at 9am this morning and the first available was 3:50pm today.

Great. I guess I could have gone to work.

Plus, as of this morning, all traces of fever have disappeared. She does have some funky looking snot (kinda like watered down chocolate frosting - yummy) coming out of one nostril and is tugging on her left ear.

I'm glad we are going though, just for the piece of mind of getting an all clear before flying on Saturday.

To make today even more worth while though - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - Grace has figured out the knee #1, then knee #2 aspect of crawling.

Just a few moments ago, I turned to see that in a matter of minutes she had moved from her toy box on the carpet all the way over to the tile floor by the stairs.

I did a double take.

I turned back to the computer only to hear movement again.

I then watched her crawl back to the start position.

Way to go kiddo!!

She then went over to the window and started yanking on my curtains.

Hey - wait a minute. Let's just go sit over here for awhile longer.

I guess today was a GREAT day to stay home after all.

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