Friday, August 22, 2008

The Journey Begins

The journey begins.

It is starting with a brain that won't turn off to go to sleep, a back that is playing fun with spasms and my realization that the 1/2 glass of wine we have isn't enough to shut them both down.

I just want to get on the plane without incident. Then I just want to get off the plane without incident. Finally, I just want to get through our hotel stay Saturday night without incident.

Then let the incidents roll because I know if we can get over those three hurdles, everything else will be fine.

My ride to the airport informed me the other day that he thought I should get there at 6 am for our 8 am flight. I said I would prefer to leave the house at 6 am. That was two days ago.

Apparently my wishes fell on deaf ears, for tonight I was informed that he made a 7 am tee time at a local golf course. Which means he needs to drop me off BY 6 am.

Yeah well, I need you to entertain a 10 month old baby in a freaking airport terminal for 1.5 hours then buddy.

That's what I wanted to say anyway. Of course I didn't though.

He's doing us a multitude of favors this week. They are all owed to us though. Is it bad Karma to state that someone "owes" favors? I dunno, but he does.

So I am tense. I am setting up mini goals. First security. Pre-flight. Flight. Post-flight. Parents. Dinner. Hotel.

After hotel I am golden. I will keep you posted.

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