Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stretchy Fabrics Are My Friend

It is amazing how self perception can affect your mood.

My clothes are still in the ruins of vacation. While the majority of them did get cleaned, nothing was hung up. Everything is wrinkly again so it is easier to just rewash than iron. My work clothes had been piled up in the dirty laundry basket for a week sharing their smells with each other too.

Given this, I was down to the dregs of my wardrobe yesterday. This translates to only being left with items in my closet that I have a problem with. Too small, too big, too short, too stretched out, too casual, too ugly (why did I buy this in the first place?).

So I went with the best of the worst. Which was a combo of too big (shirt that makes me look even heavier than I am) and too short (pants that look like I am expecting a flood, especially when worn with socks, which I did, and were frankly borline too small.)

I was miserable all day. I have no idea why other than I felt schlumpey.

The fact that I really did gain 5 pounds while back in Chicago doesn’t help either.

I pulled out one of my favorite, most comfy outfits for today though. Straight out of the wrinkled clean bin, but I don’t care. It fits well and I feel good in it. Plus most of the wrinkles have already fallen out.

The point of all this?

An explanation of the irrational before my apology to Matt.

Sorry I’ve been moody honey. Things are much better today. As we both know, a new wardrobe does wonders for my world.

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