Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lunching With Lizards

Today is perfect early fall weather. 60 degrees in the morning, 72, sunny and a light breeze this afternoon. Perfect.

At work, the campus is stellar. There are grand trees surrounding the building, seasonal flowers constantly being replaced and the most beautiful 20x20 patch of grass right next to the building that they groom like a mini baseball field.

As I sat outdoors eating my lunch and trying to massage away the giant lump of stress being stored in my lower back, I watched little lizards scurry around the patio. I envied them. These little guys get to crawl on that grass. They get to roll around on it. They get to play on it.

THEY get to play on it!

I wanna play on the grass too! No, there is no sign forbidding such actions, just the stares and whispers I am sure I would receive from the hundreds of people walking in and out the front door. I have been at this building for 7 years now and I have never once seen anyone actually on the grass.

Why is this? I’m sure I am not the only one that gazes longingly at the grass. Hmmm. To be a lizard, just during lunch.

Or maybe find a group of friends that will revolt with me and have a picnic one day.

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