Thursday, July 10, 2008

Washington Traffic

Matt is about to change jobs again. I think. If the position is offered to him and why wouldn’t it be offered to him? Matt is a shooting star for Uncle Sam. He is intelligent, proactive, personable and generally loved by all. To have all these qualities and still work for the U.S. Government is quite unusual.

I am a little jealous of this opportunity though. Not for the career advancement or pay raise. It is for the great reduction in work day commute. Right now his commute is 1.5 hours each way on a good day, compared to my 45 minute commute. 45 minutes doesn’t sound so bad when you have a direct comparison that is double the distance.

This new job though has a stellar 30 minute- IN RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC- commute. I am pissed. He will be able to wake up with us, help get our daughter ready for daycare, assist with our 6 am departure, work out for 45 minutes, eat a real breakfast, watch TV and STILL work a full day and get home before us.

We should find out by the end of this week if it is offered to him. Here's hoping!

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Anonymous said...

30 min commute?!?! That's everybody that has a job's dream!
Good luck with your new job Matt!(: