Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And Kisses Too!

This should have been part of “Hugs for Everyone,” but I guess I got too focused on my story. Grace has figured out kisses. They are not on command like hugs, but kisses non-the-less. They are big, sloppy, drooley, open mouthed baby kisses. While they are infinitely sweet (once you figure out what she is doing,) and they are also (to be completely honest) really gross.

She usually saves them for later in the day, but this morning she planted one on me right after finishing her bottle. A gesture of her gratitude for the warm milk I suppose. It was a warm, slimy kiss that encompassed the center of my mouth from just below my nose to right above my chin. She stayed there for only a few seconds, but the drool and remaining morsels of milk made their mark. All over my freshly applied makeup.

Over the past few days, she often incorporates snot into the kisses too. Sometimes she just misses your mouth and plants the kiss on your chin. This would be great if she hasn’t had the daycare cold for two weeks now. While your chin gets to experience the joy of a kiss, your lips are now coated with baby boogers.

I do love the kisses though and Matt already fears the day when she will want to share a kiss with a man that isn’t related by blood.

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