Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Only Suckers Volunteer

The daycare Grace is in has a new Director, Tasha. Apparently, the previous two directors left on less than amicable terms. In fact, the last one was essentially removed/fired by the parents.

Given this, Tasha seems to be working in overdrive to make nice with the parents. She is branding herself as: Tasha, the Director Who Cares. She sent out memos about herself before her start date, held office hours to introduce herself personally, stressed that she has an open door policy to any comments or concerns and is trying to schedule events and activities.

As you can tell by their ability to have people fired, the parents here are very organized. We have a Yahoo list serve that instantly connects to the personal email accounts of the majority of the parents (I assume the majority anyway.) When something happens, we all know about it within minutes. You should have seen the flurry of emails when the daycare announced the rates were rising.

Last week an email went out from Tasha, via the moderator, requesting a 1-2 parents to act as liaison, again stressing community and open communication.

This is where I come in. I’m thinking to myself, “Hey self, you should be more involved. Volunteer! How hard can it be? You’ll just have to decide what variety of apple they will serve at lunch and maybe buy a new fish when one croaks.”

Apparently I was WRONG!!

First, she wants us to poll the parents to see if anyone has any good ideas for possible activities and in-house “field trips.”

OK, more work than I was expecting, but I can handle that.

Then comes the bomb. She wants to organize a Saturday afternoon Family Fun Day.

Not sold, but I’m listening.

She wants it to have face painting, arts & crafts, a Tumblebus (?? what is that??), food, games- all for a minimal charge.

Ahhhh …. Well see, I kinda like to sit on my butt during the weekends ….

Now we get to the good part.

Tasha then says, “I would like for you all to determine interest, fee per family/participant (i.e. child, adult, etc.), event date and time. I am also looking for assistance in planning and executing the event as well.”

Damn. Isn't that her job?

You see Grace is happy playing with cardboard boxes – literally, her favorite toys are the collection of empty Kleenex boxes I’ve amassed – and here I am planning a carnival.

I thought I had a few more years before I joined the PTA and was following in my mother’s footsteps in the organization of massive school events. Not that I would mind the effort, but there is no reward for me in this. My kid doesn’t know the difference. Sure, she might have a good time, but she also has a good time going for walks around the block. A lot less work on my part.

Oh well. It’s for Grace, it’s for Grace.

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Anonymous said...

Tasha sounds more like the "deligator" than the director of the day care. Your right, that is her job and your paying a good buck for her services not to do her job. It's not PTA time yet!