Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baby Steps

It's coming. Any day now. Like a big hairy monster lumbering towards us. Mobility. Grand in theory, scary in practice.

This morning Grace is all too happy to show you how close she is to crawling. In addition to her across-the-floor-upright-butt-scoot and Three Stooges like circle on her stomach (nuck, nuck, nuck, nuck,) she is now going from sitting position to belly. Great.

While I was never under the illusion that sitting your child on the couch to play with toys was smart, it made it easier for me to make dinner. She was up high enough for me to see her while I worked. It was a great system. Well not any more. One forward belly lunge and she will land face first on the hardwood floor.

I am thrilled about this great step towards mobility though. At daycare, babies that are 2 weeks older and 2 months younger than her have mastered crawling and are cruising already. I am annoyed by the fact that mobility is the one baby milestone that is unpredictable. I like schedules. I need schedules.

As I write this though, I am watching her run circles around her Around We Go activity center. She has made two loops in the last 5 minutes. Sure, it's backwards and supported by the walker, but her feet are flat on the floor and it is under her own power. Run baby run! Or is it crawl baby crawl!

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