Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Making Time For Love

Hmmm ... blogging. I'm not quite sure that I'm ready for this new frontier. The idea of keeping an e-diary for the world to see, if it so chooses, is scary.

The other day my good friend NES linked to an article about how blogging is a wonderful kind of therapy. Everyone should do it. So why not me? Don't I deserve a place for my mind to spew out all the day to day activities that will soon be forgotten if not written down?

Hence the title of my blog - Make Time For Love. No, it's not dirty people. Well, maybe it is, as it's the brain child of my husband. Even if it is, I still love it. It fits us so perfectly. We both come from families where love was always implied, but rarely said out loud. We make it a point to say it out loud on a daily basis.

To delve into the title on even more of a philosophical level, since the birth of our daughter in October 2007, it seems like the day to day moments of love seem to blend into each other and are quickly forgotten. I don't want to forget them though. I want to be able to look back on these entries with her in the years to come to giggle and tear over the day to day love.

So from now on, I will Make Time For Love and blog about the moments I never want to forget.

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