Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bike Ride Anyone?

Even before Matt decided to do triathlons (these blogs will come soon enough) and go on 70 mile bike rides, I still followed the Tour de France. How can you not? I, by no means, sat in front of the TV watching footage on the Outdoor Channel, but I would check the standings every couple of days. Especially in this age of steroid rumors and drug testing disqualifications. It’s fascinating.

Plus I have a little bit of home town connection to it. I went to high school with the guy who is currently in 3rd place of the whole (choose your own explicative) thing, Christian Vandeveld. Well, kind of … his sister Marissa was in my class and his brother Ian was in my brother’s class. He is actually 2 years older (to the day,) but we knew each other from the “band geek” circle and went to some of the same parties.

Convoluted knowledge of someone who probably doesn’t even come close to remembering me aside, isn’t that kind of cool?

Thousands of small towns across the country can lay claim to their children growing up and doing something notable, either in sports or business. How many of them can claim to have raised the best of the best? I get tired walking up a big hill. This guy is climbing some of the steepest mountain ranges in the world at a breakneck pace.

Fame is relative. Does the majority of America even really care about a guy who can ride a bike? Probably not – unless they are caught up in the afore mentioned drug scandals. I think it is cool though.

If you don’t have a favorite racer yet (ha), you now have someone to cheer for. Go Christian! Work Those Glutes! – or whatever you yell to inspire men in the middle of a 3 week, 2,500 mile race.

I guess the Lemont well water isn’t so bad after all.

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