Wednesday, October 8, 2008

She's Gone

Terrible news.

You know my work Cardinal? My Grandma incarnate? Well, no longer.

At lunch yesterday with NES, our friend Eric joined us for the last few minutes. Upon noticing the evil bee we had trapped in a sandwich container a memory was sparked.

"You know the cardinal that lives over in that tree?" he asked, "Well, I saw it dead the other day. It slammed into the cafeteria glass windows!"

NES jumped to my defense, "Shut up, shut up! She loves that bird!"

But it was already too late. My bird was gone. And without my manufactured story of southern migration and living it up in Boca.

Oh well. It is just a bird after all. Everything dies and everything is born again.

Karma's a bitch though, huh? Guess we should have left that nasty bee alone.

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