Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

To my Gracie on your 1st birthday:

If I could give you any gift in the world, it would be ....

I hope you have fun in life. That you take joy in the world and it takes joy in you.

I hope you embrace adventure. That you live out your dreams and follow shooting stars.

I hope you are wise. That you appreciate opportunity and make the most out of every situation.

I hope you are confident in yourself and do not let faulty opinions lead you.

I hope you are healthy and do not inherit my challenges.

I have a million more wishes for you, and I’m sure over the coming years I will have a million more. If you read this in your journey into adulthood, please know that these are not expectations. They are not obligations. These are just some of the things that I would like to wrap up with a bow and hand to you today.

Although I suppose that your journey to these things will be the creation of the gifts themselves.

Happy Birthday my Love!


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