Friday, October 10, 2008

The Cubs Game

There is something amazing about Chicago sports. I’m sure other cities are like this, and I know that I am biased, but an outsider just doesn’t realize the passion of our fans. 100 years of disappointment folks. 100 Years!!

So despite the Cubbie loss on October 1, and eventual sweep, it was a good game and an amazing time.

In the true spirit of Chicago’s ‘we travel well’ motto, pre-game we meet folks in the exact same boat as us. Some had actually just gotten in – straight from O’Hare – from Boston. After sharing why we moved stories and spill $3.50 of my $7.00 beer on their coats, it was time to head into Wrigley.

Once inside the ballpark, we spilt for pee breaks and beer purchases.

On the way back to find Matt, I got sidetracked. Through my goggles of a slipped contact and 2.5 beers, I spotted a super cute guy a few feet ahead of me. Then he called my name. Who knew my hubbie was so toned and tanned from all the running! I guess I just had to slow down and literally see him though different eyes to really appreciate it!

The game went well until the grand slam in the 5th inning. Then things got ugly.

Right behind us we had hecklers, the funny kind, who also gave me sips of his Mai Tai, so they were cool.

Up above him though, we had a cynical, pissed off Heckler. Not so cool.

And up above him seemed to be the only Dodgers fan in the whole stadium, a 20-something chick that just could not keep her yap shut. Really not cool.

Well… the cynical Heckler got into it with the Dodgers fan. She got removed by ushers, as she was the opponent, so she must be in the wrong. The Heckler did say he felt bad that she got tossed, but that he wouldn’t have minded being able to shock her to get her to shut up.

I’m assuming she heard this on her way out, but cause a few innings later she was back. With full beers that I’m assuming were purchased with retaliation in mind, as she threw them all over the Heckler.

There was a lot of splash. Two full beers and all.

¼ of our section wound up leaving due to soggy pants. Eh, the Cubbies were way down anywho at this point.

During our trek back to the car, we stopped at Portillo’s and consoled our aching hearts with the most delicious hot dogs on the face of the planet.

Which brings to the most telling thing about our 48 hours in Chicago.

All I ate during that time was: Slim Jims, pizza, a hot dog, a burger, french fries, chocolate and beer. I might have had a Diet Coke too, but can’t recall.

In the end, it was the best trip back we’ve had in awhile.


Matt said...

Don't forget the helicopter which was the real reason the Cubs lost.

Shannon said...

Ooooo ... I had forgotten about that damn helicopter!