Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two Years & 308 Posts

My yahoo reminders has told me that today is my two year blogoversary.

Really? Time flies.

As I said, I know I have been negligent lately, but that just means I will have a plethora of material once I get my head back on straight, right? Some upcoming topic previews are:
* Lots of baby stuff (you can't go wrong with babies, right?)
* My dad (the stories involve emergency personnel and handcuffs!)
* My new job (hurray!!)
* The demise of my car (and how GM is the worst company on the face of the planet.)

So if you hang in there with me there will be lots of tales to tell. If there really is anyone reading this out there, grant me an anniversary wish, will you? De-lurk and leave a comment. While I love my Google Reader too, they are tricky little things and make it tough to tell if anyone is out there. (Not that I really think anyone is reading, but it is worth a shot, right?)


Matt said...

I'm here! I'm here!

noteverstill said...

Happy anniversary!!

Allison said...

Count me as a new reader - happy blog-o-versary!

vertigob said...

Definitely here and I am on the edge of my seat. I love a story that involves emergency personnel AND handcuffs. It must be good!

Happy blogoversary!