Monday, September 24, 2012


When I was pregnant with Grace, the world seemed so black and white. To me, there were lots of hard questions with easy answers.  Matt felt more grey.

 It's an age old childhood question forcing you in a corner to choose between friends: The house is on fire and you can only save one person. Who do you save? Our conversations, considering my high risk status, was always my press of: If something goes wrong and you have to choose, I want you to choose the baby.

For me, the conversation was black and white. Of course I would sacrifice myself for someone I already loved. I would give everything. Matt saw the greys of a life without me. I also think he was gripped with the heartbreak of knowing that if we were pressed to make a terrible decision like that,  he would be powerless.

Luckily, we never even came close to making a decision like that. There were slight hiccups, but nothing that made us much different from the billions of childbirth stories out there.

This post was inspired by The Bloodletter's Daughter. The description below says that this book is about murder and power. I believe that it is about self sacrifice. What struck me the most was the end of the book and the choices the protagonist makes for those that she loves.
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Inspired by a real-life murder that threatened to topple the powerful Hapsburg dynasty in the 17th century, The Bloodletter's Daughter imagines how one young woman holds more power than she thought possible.  Join From Left to Write on September 25 as we discuss the The Bloodletter's Daughter. As a member, I received a copy of the book for review purposes.


Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

Thank you for pointing out the sacrifice part of the book. I think about those scenarios too, who would you choose? I just don't talk to hubby about them because he worries more than me.

Linda Lafferty said...

Yes, self-sacrifice is certainly a theme in the book. Marketa, her aunt, Jakub...all were willing to sacrifice their lives.

I've done a lot thinking about this in my own life, just as you have.

And of course I think of those who put themselves in harm's way every day of their lives--firefighters, soldiers, emergency workers...and many others.

We all make choices. Even when we don't.

Brenda Bartella Peterson said...

Self-sacrifice is really only beginning in child birth. The self-sacrifice we make as parents follows us all the days of our lives.

Alicia said...

Interesting! I didn't think about the sacrifice angle! I really enjoyed this book. So much so that I want to re-read it once my sister finishes it.

Lisa Hanneman said...

I've never had to have that conversation with my husband, but I imagine how difficult it is for men to even imagine being faced with those decisions. It's sacrifice for both mom and dad when it comes down to that.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Ohh, great angle! I didn't think of that. I guess I really hoped the more "fairy tale ending" the author imagined was true. Yes, being a mom, I think of sacrifice...and I know my kids would win anytime. It's part of being a mom, isn't it?