Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nemo 3D

Our friends at Disney, with a little prod from our Fairy Godmother, hooked us up again.

It is funny how the timing worked out, since we had just been on a Finding Nemo kick in our house. With the announcement of Finding Nemo 3D popped up in my mailbox, how could we say no?

The movie is exactly what you expect. It is a fun movie that you have probably seen 8 million times before with a little bit of bonus - Oooooo - thrown in every so often. It totally didn't matter that the girls had seen it 8 million times before. This time they were seeing it in a big movie theater with popcorn, slurpies and fancy glasses.

It was magic all over again.

* The tickets to the screening were complementary (we still shelled out $25.00 for popcorn though), and the complements are all my own.

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